Lighthearted and quick-footed Eladrin Rogue


Phinehas is about 68 years old. He was born in Rhodesia to a noble family there. His father, Joshua, was a warrior in the champions trials. He was given land and a title in Rhodesia because of his great achievements in the games. He met a woman who was a skilled assassin and they fell in love. They married and settled down. They built up a name for themselves in the trade business there handling everything from weapons to art even the occasional lodestone to the Crested Eagles. They even controlled a good chunk of the black market trade there. Joshua became the main merchant of choice for a few of the greatest factions including the Royal Scorpions and the Blue Daggers. And there were even rumors of trade with the Black Adders. Things were great for Joshua’s family and they even had a little one on the way. Joshua knew that he was always going to be a target for assassins as he gained wealth and position so he began investing in ways to hide away and lock up his fortune and greatest assets. Joshua was right, when Phinehas was 16 years old Joshua and his wife was assassinated when the family was on vacation. Phinehas escaped. His home was ransacked and everything was taken but his father had hidden all of the family fortune and assets away. Phinehas spent 25 years trying to find the assasin that killed his parents and find out which faction was behind it and understanding the cryptic message that his father left him so he could find the family’s fortune. Phinehas went to blue haven tracking down information on his parents. He worked for Jinn for the past twenty years handling imports and exports so that he could gain information always trying to find his family’s fortune and find the ones who killed his parents.

Phinehas’ Family name is Stark and their family Motto is “Winter is Coming.” At some point the Stark Family and the Baratheon Family intermarried and so you may hear them saying “Ours is the Fury”. Phinehas is the last remaining Stark. He was given a pendant of his family crest from his father when he became a man. His father told him to always keep in on him because it would always keep him safe and always bring him home. Phinehas has always known that the pendant was the key to finding his family’s wealth but has been unable to do much with it. The pendant is clearly a lodestone shard and has protective properties but has not been able to learn enough about it to control it. But as Phinehas has grown in posessions of lodestones and his ability to study more and more of them he seems to be learning more and more about his own. One of the only things he is certain of is that only people he completely trusts can see his pendant.



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