Emil reincarnate. Brought back by the Raven Queen, with given direction. Remembers practically nothing of his past. looks nearly the same but jaded and weary and a little pale.


Revenant Changeling Assassin (Executioner)


As Emil, he had no goals, ambitions, or aspirations. when he died, the Raven Queen found him to be the perfect candidate to do her bidding and reincarnates him. He awakened in his bed at Muzzlebuck’s Lounge, remembering not but 3 things. The name given to him by the Raven Queen, Liem, his loyalty to the Raven Queen, and a lady named Reemah. His task assigned to him is to bring down the proud who try to cast off the chains of fate. As the instrument of the Raven Queen, he punishes hubris where he finds it. and to watch for the cults of Orcus and stamp them out whenever they arise. Fond of her new found Liem, the Raven Queen occasionally converses with him through whispers.


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