The Ascent of the Black Adder

"So whats that do. . . "

We start the day off with an early morning breakfast. Fine Golden Loc butter catches our attention as we fill ourselves from the captains special store house of food. Immediately following is our next rousing game of cards. We found our rewards from the previous night at the table waiting for us. It was an exciting game of three on the sea and many of us lined our pockets with the winnings; others not so much. Soon after that Everund started the auction. There was about a dozen people gathered in all to bid on the items of the deceased. A lovely young woman named Vydra continued to raise the bids for Aereon and Atticus just out of curiousity. Phinehas got a few things and Liem did as well. Liem got in contact with a rich man named Proximo there who agreed to pay for his services as a body guard.

Since planar traps left portal travel out of the question the ship had to be sped up to get to Rhodesia safely. Atticus contacted the Dawn Bringer Council and they hastened the ship ten fold and gave Atticus their blessing. In the case of an emergency the ship could only be slowed down for 5 minutes by prayer. The direct route to the port became unsafe given the circumstances but a detour would only take ten days given our speed. The ship needed to take a route through “less traveled” waters to avoid faction attacks, but that has only lead us through dragon seas. Though normal preoccupied with each other far above away in the skyline, the speed of our vessel has caught all of the local dragons attention



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