The Ascent of the Black Adder

Gambling Problem

The party finds themselves having just defeated the phantom snakes on the top deck. Thankfully the whole crew was revived despite their bad injuries. However, Atticus succumbs to his weariness and passes out on a cot on the ship’s top deck. The rest of the group forfeits all of the supplies they “borrowed” from the third storage deck, almost in awe at how they had survived the day. Immediately their thoughts turned toward the merchant Sevir and rest of the party hastily finds him on the 3rd deck. He is suffering from seizures, Aereon grabs his tongue to keep him from swallowing it. (I think he’s a little strange. . . ) After Aereon had his fun the rest of the group makes their way down to the 7th deck to rest. Phinehas made sure that Sevir was doing alright and then he let him rest. As Aereon and Liem rested Phinehas meditated before the meeting they would all need to be at in 6 hours up on the top deck. Phinehas was the first to rise and so he took Sevir, worried that he would be attacked again and made his way to the top deck. He was intercepted by Tribius who offered to watch over Sevir for him. So he continued to the meeting in the observatory room. The meeting was full of influential men trying their luck at poker games, doing their best to ignore the massive losses of the last attack. These men included Everund, Cedris, Gillix, Argath as well as two others. Women by the dozens surrounded the table as these men gambled. Card’s and tobacco smoke filled the room. Gillix, a novice card player, was clearly being taken for all he had.

Soon Atticus woke to see a familiar warforged. SteelHeart invited him to toss a line off the side of the ship and try his hand fishing. By some marvelous stroke of beginners luck he landed a quick bite by a large Razor Fin Swordfish. It would take a group effort to reel the catch in, and luckily our friends Liem and Aereon, who woke up and made their way up to the top deck, found Atticus. The War Forge had the bright idea to lower Aereon down to the fish where he could stab it with a dagger. Whoever had that idea never saw Aereon with a dagger. So when they got Aereon ready to be lowered to his doom SteelHeart pulls out his dagger and hands it to the gnome. The gnome pulls out his wand instead, a much deadlier choice. He makes short work of the simple minded fish and with the help of SteelHeart’s quick reflexes he still has all of his limbs when they raise him back up to the ship.

The group struggles to pull the fish all the way to the top, until they give up and ask SteelHeart for help. SteelHeart quickly yanks the fish up like it’s a stuffed animal. As a gift, SteelHeart masterfully cuts the razor sharp fins off and gives them to Liem. He tells them to go wash up before going to the meeting as they smell like fish.

Soon the rest of the group joins Phinehas and begin to try their luck at cards. Phinehas loses most if not all of his tokens, Aereon goes a little short of even, Atticus has his remaining tokens stolen and Liem wins a 100+ token jackpot.

We all head off to our rooms for the night preparing for the auction in the morning. In the night we get woken by a pounding on the door telling us to get up to the top deck quick! We rush up there to find that it’s a hunting party.

“Twenty tokens for each Wyvern dead!”
“Double for one alive!”

The group rushes to the nearest Harpoon launcher. SteelHeart has already brought down three on his own. Despite being almost completely unfamiliar with the sea farer’s weapon the group manages with some success. Everything seems to be running smoothly until Phineas is snatched by a wyvern. Cedris fighting on the top deck lodges an arrow with a rope attached to the beast and flies off the ship after him. The heroics seem to serve only as a distraction though just enough to leave Phineas barely conscious as he bails off the flying creature on its second pass over the ship. Cedris was not as fortunate having fallen to the seas. When the last of the wyvern fall so do the life boats, in search of Cedris.



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