The Ascent of the Black Adder

Emil Dies

the battle scene is a caravan attacked and set aflame. smoke rising 40 feet into the air. where were the local town guard? that remains to be a mystery. the fighting is between men in red and men in black. Emil enters the battle with a crash into two men. Rolling to the left he gets back on his feet and spots a recognizable gnome in a battle with 3 blacked cloaked men. He takes out two of the black cloaks and is then attacked by one of the men, adorned in red, that he crashed into at the start. He makes quick work of him and heads toward the gnome, until suddenly GASP he is struck by RANDOM lightning. a dragonborn, who wore no red or black, takes advantage of the situation and strikes him unconscious…

the battle rages on and ends up shifting, leaving the battlefield, where it all began, a field of corpses. the dragonborn and his companion, a half orc, who also had no red or black garments, start harvesting the dead and unconscious. Emil was one of them. how he dies? The world may never know. . .




Objects of Interest







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