The Ascent of the Black Adder

Dragons. . . Lots and Lots of Dragons. . .

So a lot has happened since I last found the time to write in this journal I “borrowed” from bright eyes. (He wasn’t using it anyways, and just between you and I, I’m pretty sure he is illiterate). After the auction we were needed on the top deck for a fun battle with some dragons. Apparently we normally will pass through and try to lure some down so we can kill them. But thankfully we were traveling at 10 times the normal speed a ship should travel and so we caught the attention of every dragon in the dragon cove. When we got up to the top deck some of the other adventurers were attacking the fire dragons at the rear of the ship and Everund told us to go fight the ice dragons at the bow. We rushed out and kicked some A. We began our battle with firm determination and teamwork that rivaled the globetrotters. After about 18 seconds of that strong teamwork we scrambled like ants. Crux tried to keep us together but we lacked any sense of coordination. The rogue tried to assist the team at the back of the ship, going back and forth between them and the frost dragons at the bow. We were dispatching the frost dragons, but the team at the back of the ship were getting torn to pieces. Aereon assisted crux and attacked any that landed. Bright Eyes and Liem fired off projectiles from old Miss.

Gillix poked his head out from the stairway making sure it was safe, finding that it was not at all safe he still decided to help us and ran over to us dropping off supplies of the battle. He left us freezing potions and health potions. Phinehas quickly teleported a freezing potion into his hand and threw it right into a dragons face freezing him in a block of ice. As the battle raged on we managed to kill quite a few dragons, and the team at the rear of the ship managed to kill off their lot while also dying themselves. Oranaias was the biggest help of all that day. He managed to put up a wall of ice at the front of the ship swatting down quite a few dragons. He also was able to cast an amazing spell that used a floating hand to swat aside about 3 dragons. The spells he cast left him in such a weakened state that a dragon attacked him once and he died.

Another wave of dragons came on the ship and with them a uniquely significant dragon came with them. This one was a cobalt dragon. It was one of Reeka’s young. Reeka is a giant elder dragon that hates when her young are attacked. Atticus’ sword then



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