The Ascent of the Black Adder

Bars and Bad Habbits

The story began with a few seemingly nothings, being at the wrong place at the wrong time. A bar by the name of the “Tipsy Ram” located in the town Blue Haven, has seen it share of visitors in the last few days. Blue Haven is home to a large convention of games. In this particular instance the game happens to be Fighting Dragons. People from all over come to participate or eagerly watch as champions face mighty dragons. Several of these champions are in the Tipsy Ram about the time a few of our heroes go into the bar. Most of them make small talk and have a couple of friendly competitions with darts. One smaller Gnome and Fire Genasi make more of an appearance by sharing a few laughs with a giant among men named Stonewall. This is going on while a Vampire named Colin made trouble with a friend of Stonewall named Bessy and was forced to leave the bar. The rest of the crew met a smooth skinned Troll named Zandu and another gentleman by the name of Rufus the Regular.

Zandu offered a job to several of our heroes who took a night out in the woods. They were trying to stop a caravan from stealing some girl who is still to be distinguished. An epic lvl 1 battle broke out and the heroes found themselves racing toward a “Great Ball of Fire”. Everyone made it close enough to see Zandu race after a very powerful sorcerer who conjured a portal. Where the portal leads is still unknown. On his way to chasing this powerful sorcerer, Zandu stabbed a giant rock figure in the eye and pulled him into the portal.

All of our heroes made it out alive except for one named Emil, a Wizard Changeling. He managed to be knocked out and was heard to be sold into sex slavery. (Go figure) The adventures are tired and ready to rest from a battle and chasing after people much more powerful than they.




Objects of Interest







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